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Scheduled special issues

The following special issues are scheduled for publication in WE:

Human driven scenarios for evolutionary and ecological changes
14 Apr 2016–31 Jul 2017 | Guest editors: J. Stadler and D. Montesinos | Information

Web Ecology's special issue "Human driven scenarios for evolutionary and ecological changes" is based on the XIV MEDECOS and XIII AEET meeting held in Seville, Spain, from January 31 to February 4, 2017. The conference was focused on the ecology and evolution of Mediterranean ecosystems, considering all taxonomic groups from plants, to animals, to microorganisms. The meeting focused on research on the different Mediterranean type ecosystems, and their ecological and evolutionary similarities and differences across the globe.

Ecological networks
30 Apr 2014–indefinite | Guest editors: R. Heleno and D. Montesinos 

Moving concepts: ecological units in different contexts
01 Mar 2013–indefinite | Guest editors: K. Jax and A. Schwarz

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