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Acknowledgement of WE reviewers

15 December 2015

Another year has passed and we would like to thank all of our reviewers for their thorough help and support. Web Ecology publications would not be possible without their assistance. We are thankful that, in addition to their everyday work, our reviewers take the time to help authors with detailed and meticulous reviews.

Many thanks for all their help as well as the time and effort they have invested to make Web Ecology a stimulating journal. The EEF appreciates their knowledge and support very much and relies on their future patronage.

We would like to thank the following people for serving as reviewers of manuscripts published in Web Ecology in 2015:

Giovanni Amori
Magdalena Balintova
Nicolò Barbieri
Corrado Battisti
Laura Biganzoli
Paulo Borges
Angel Borja
Roland Brandl
Alex Brook
Bellisario Bruno
Martin Brändle
Jose Antonio Cortes Vazquez
Florea Damian
Choimaa Dulamsuren
Rene Eschen
A. Escudero
Matthias Foellmer
Dorian Fuller
Colin Garroway
Claudia Ghisetti
Vasilij Goltsev
Björn Gücker
Ruben Heleno
Kurt Jax
Eila Jeronen
Romain Julliard
Hazem Kalaji
Athanasios Kallimanis
Sonja Knapp
Emmanuil Koutrakis
Giovanni Marin
Christopher Martius
Tanja Milotic
Sanna Mäkeläinen
Marco Modica
Daniel Montesinos
Michael S. Noon
Jinze Noordijk
Gerardo Ojeda
Thomas Panagopoulos
Cynthia Prado
D. Provete
Francisco Pugnaire
Juliane Röder
Franca Sangiorgio
Anja Schmidt
Elke Schüttler
Andrea Sforzi
Luis Silva
Jutta Stadler
Maria Dulce Subida
David Swift
Karin Ulbrich
Mariana Vale
Wilian Vaz-Silva
Stavros Veresoglou
Leonardo Vignoli
Justin Whitaker
T. Wiegand
Marcin Woch
Konstantina Zografou
Uko Zylstra

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